Discretion. Insight. Timeliness. Quality. Impera is a client-focused human and cyber intelligence advisory firm. We provide high-value insights into clients' risk profile and threat-mitigation solutions.

We keep it simple. 

Discretion. Insight. Timeliness. Quality. Impera is a client-focused human and cyber intelligence advisory firm. We provide high-value insights into clients' risk profile and threat-mitigation solutions. 




Richard S. Kendall

Mr. Kendall is Chairman of the Board of Impera Intelligence Group.

He is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation (FEHSF), an internationally recognized 501(c)3 organization. FEHSF, which has former US Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge as its honorary Chairman, provides immediate financial assistance to federal law enforcement agents and officers in times of need or tragedy. Agencies served include ATF, CBP, DEA, FBI, HSI/ICE, US Marshals, and the Secret Service.

Mr. Kendall serves as a strategic advisor to several private-equity companies and hedge funds. He is an International Trustee of the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and Star Diamond Award.

Mr. Kendall has a B.A. from Syracuse University and a Management Degree from Harvard Business School.



Lon Augustenborg

Mr. Augustenborg is Vice Chairman of the Board of Impera Intelligence Group.

He served in the CIA’s Clandestine Service for 35 years, which included nine field assignments on four continents and a principal focus on Russia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Mr. Augustenborg has developed a renowned network of global contacts. 

Throughout his CIA career, Mr. Augustenborg worked closely with numerous foreign partners providing training, assistance, and leadership of joint programs. He still maintains these valuable international contacts and close working relationships with a wide range of US-based companies. Furthermore, at CIA, Mr. Augustenborg developed additional expertise on counterintelligence, cybersecurity, international terrorism, and risk-mitigation best practices.

Prior to entering the CIA, Mr. Augustenborg was a Los Angeles Police Officer in LAPD’s Intelligence Division, Public Affairs, and multiple uniform divisions working felony crimes.

Mr. Augustenborg holds a B.A. from the University of Southern California and a Master’s degree from Pepperdine University.



James M. Ford

Mr. Ford is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Impera Intelligence Group.

A longtime executive with extensive international experience and contacts, Mr. Ford was a special assistant to former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, organizing a personal security force for the Secretary when he traveled to risk-prone areas of the world. 

Following this assignment, Mr. Ford spent over 20 years as Deputy Chief for International Affairs and Intelligence for David Rockefeller, the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chase Manhattan Corporation. Mr. Ford served as Mr. Rockefeller’s counselor on foreign policy issues, while facilitating high-level national and international meetings, conferences, and fact-finding missions abroad. In this capacity, Mr. Ford participated in executive meetings at the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderburg Group.


Chief operating Officer

Jonathan Zilker

Mr. Zilker is the Chief Operating Officer of Impera Intelligence Group.

Mr. Zilker has a technology background and has worked to develop software applications for fortune 100 companies and start-ups. His work history includes responsibility for managing strategy around business development, partnerships, verticals, alliances, product development, Sales, Sales Strategy and heading up the teams built around developing strategic business relationships. Mr. Zilker has over twenty years of experience driving business process, driving revenue and building a culture of success. He builds and leads skilled teams that identify strategic market opportunities and the solutions for business verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical, Real Property, Legal and other regulated and unregulated industries.

Mr. Zilker's experience includes an 18-year award-winning career at Thomson Reuters in the Legal and Regulatory information and technology businesses. During that span of time he was an integral part of the growth and development of West Legal Publishing's pre-eminent electronic legal research platform known as Westlaw.  He helped design and develop multiple SAAS programs, Computer Assisted Legal Research Programs, Marketing and Business Development applications as well as many other Web based WYSIWYG platforms. Jonathan’s consultative methodology and sales techniques fostered a culture of success at Thomson Reuters. 

After leaving Thomson Reuters, Mr. Zilker partnered with several tech and cyber start-ups and started his own company RewardVest Inc and the Apps for GoGiftMobile.


CHief of Staff

Patrick Meagher

Mr. Meagher is the Chief of Staff of Impera Intelligence Group.

Mr. Meagher joined Impera in September 2017. Prior to this role, he served as Deputy Director of Communications at New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security, overseeing all of its digital media, marketing, and public outreach efforts. In this capacity, Mr. Meagher was responsible for the administration, editing, and dissemination of the office’s intelligence and preparedness products. He has advised several states and agencies on how to build intelligence and digital programs for the effective dissemination of homeland security analysis to the law enforcement community and the public.    

Mr. Meagher specializes in administration, project management, and digital marketing across multiple platforms. He has a B.A. from George Mason University.

Dan Hoffman.jpeg

Executive Vice President

Daniel Hoffman

Mr. Hoffman is a former Senior Executive Clandestine Service Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency. His combined 30 years of distinguished government service included high-level positions not only within the CIA, but also with the U.S. military, U.S. Department of State, and U.S. Department of Commerce. Assignments included tours of duty in the former Soviet Union, Europe, and war zones in both the Middle East and South Asia. During this time, Mr. Hoffman developed extensive, substantive expertise on geopolitical and transnational issues related to the Middle East, South Asia, Russia, counterterrorism, and cyber and counter-intelligence. Now in the private sector, Mr. Hoffman remains highly regarded for his policy experience and his work with foreign officials in the regions where he served.